Kyle Brightbill

Hey I'm Kyle. I'm an illustrator who loves Video Games a whole lot. I do freelance work as a Comic Book Colorist and sometimes do commissions of DnD characters and the sort.

My time is equally split between drawing and playing video games. I also like Dungeons & Dragons, eSports, anime, gunpla, and comic books.

You can follow or get in touch with me at any of my social links. OR look at some of my art stuff at my website


Chris Deantonio

I'm a writer and reporter for my local newspaper with a weekly column where I cover video games, of course.

If I'm not writing about games, I'm playing them. The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and (surprisingly?) L.A. Noire are my favorite games ever. So far...

But I'm a multi-dimensional person, with different interests and hobbies. I also watch too much (American) football, basketball, baseball, hockey and--as of 2018--the Overwatch League. But I hate Kangaroo Jack.

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